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Walk Against Hunger

35th Annual Foodshare Walk Against Hunger

Hands On Hartford Friends and Family

Hands on Hartford is a Hartford based non profit agency focused on Serving Neighbors, Engaging Volunteers and Connecting Communities.  We are deeply concerned about the suffering caused by poverty so, among other things, we serve neighbors through programs that increase food security and nutrition.  Our food programs include (1) the MANNA Community Pantry, serving over 500 families every month with pantry staples, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, milk and eggs; (2) our MANNA Community Meals Program, a soup kitchen and day shelter where we serve around 25,000 meals each year; and (3) our weekend Backpack Nutrition Program for children, where we distribute backpacks full of healthy food for the weekend for about 225 children each week of the school year.  We also offer free community meals on major holidays.

We are not a government-funded program and we rely on donations from individuals, private foundations, faith groups and businesses.  We need your help!  Your donations have a direct impact on families that struggle to make ends meet, often don't know where their next meal will come from, and often have to choose between putting food on the table or paying other expenses like rent, utilities or transportation costs.

The Hands On Hartford Friends and Family Team makes a huge difference as we all work together to create a healthy, caring community.



Hands On Hartford Friends and Family Raised
Personal Gift Catherine Shafer $165.00
Personal Gift Janet Bermudez $510.00
Tracie Brown $50.00
Personal Gift Christian Coleman $510.00
Marygene Cosma Jordan $0.00
Personal Gift Sharon Dalton $245.00
Denise Ellison $0.00
Personal Gift Pamela Fitzgerald $620.00
Personal Gift Wanda Guzman $308.00
June Jenkins $20.00
Personal Gift Diana Kalinsky $25.00
Personal Gift Robin Kalinsky $40.00
Personal Gift Abbie Kelly $730.00
Deborah Maddox $0.00
Personal Gift Jaime Ortega $645.00
Personal Gift Mary Reynolds $285.00
Maddie Ross $50.00
Personal Gift Barbara Shaw $450.00
Samuel Shaw-Wilgoski $535.00
Personal Gift Katherine Thibault $375.00
Denotes a Team Captain

Some of last year's happy walkers
Some of last year's happy walkers

56 percent of goal achieved.



We know that the issue of hunger is big, but thankfully, our community is bigger. Please step up to the plate and help make an impact on hunger in Greater Hartford by donating to the 35th Annual Foodshare Walk Against Hunger. 

Your support will provide immediate relief for families struggling with hunger. It will also support long-term efforts to promote health, stabilize lives and address underlying issues that contribute to hunger. Last year alone, Foodshare was able to provide enough food for nearly 12 million meals to help our friends and neighbors in Greater Hartford. More than 1/3 of that food was fresh produce, giving families healthy options. In supporting the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger, you will allow this important work to continue.

Please join us by making a donation today - simply select the walker you would like to support from the list below. Or walk alongside us and help bring us one step closer to a hunger-free community.

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