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The Chase Challenge

The Chase Family Foundations of Hartford have been proud supporters of the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger since 1999. Once again, the Chase family has issued 'The Chase Challenge' and will match the first 50 collections of $600 from Walk participants who designate Foodshare as the benefiting program.

We hope you'll take up the Chase Challenge so that every single penny of this $30,000 challenge will be claimed on behalf of a hungry neighbor in need!



Cheryl ChaseDavid Chase and his wife, Rhoda Cohen Chase, are well known in greater Hartford for their numerous contributions to the local and global communities. Born in Poland, David survived a Nazi concentration camp, later immigrated to New York, and eventually settled in Hartford. He met his wife at the University of Connecticut and went on to develop Chase Enterprises.  Throughout, they were actively involved in numerous charitable organizations, a characteristic that, without a doubt, was passed on to their two children.

Foodshare’s relationship with the Chase Family all began in 1990 with David’s son, Arnold.  On an early morning in February, Arnold picked up an issue of Hartford Magazine and read an article on Foodshare’s work to combat hunger in our region. He was so moved that he picked up the phone and, despite the early hour, President and CEO, Gloria McAdam, answered the call. Thanks goodness!

At the time, the Chase Family owned Fox 61 and out of that conversation came the ‘Feed Connecticut Hunger” Telethon, a statewide fundraising benefit that was simulcast on all commercial TV stations.  The event raised more than $145,000 to fight hunger in the state of Connecticut that first year alone!  Over five years, the Telethon raised more than $565,000 for food banks throughout the state!

Arnold went on to serve on Foodshare’s Board of Directors and was as hands on as one could be.  He was frequently seen around the office fixing computers! Unfortunately for Foodshare, his family’s business interests in Poland led to his eventual departure from the Board.

But the Chase family was not about to cut ties. Cheryl Chase, Arnold’s sister, took over as an active Board member from 1998 to 2009.  She served on the Capital Campaign Steering Committee in 2004 and 2005, which funded Foodshare’s current warehouse, and has been an Honorary Director since leaving the board in 2009.

Over the last 2 decades, the Chase family’s involvement has been crucial to furthering Foodshare’s mission. Providing support in the form of individual gifts, they have aided in Foodshare’s capital campaign, and each year they challenge other individuals to help as issuers of the Foodshare Walk Against Hunger’s Chase Challenge. Over the past 13 years, this challenge has helped to raise an additional $1,223,000 for Foodshare!

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