Eat! Experience! Engage!

Please note: While many of the examples below reference $4/day, the average SNAP benefit in Connecticut is currently $4.50/day

Kai LoundonKai Loundon decided to take the SNAP Challenge after 3 years here at Foodshare. As an Agency Services Rep, he works directly with Foodshare's 300 partner programs, and wanted to more clearly understand the struggles faced by our neighbors in need.

You can see how Kai tackled the Challenge below, planning week by week, and grocery shopping on a SNAP budget of only $4 per day!

"I didn't quite realize how much of my social life revolves around eating...It makes more sense to me now why many soup kitchens call themselves 'community kitchens' - because they're about more than just the food that's served."

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Sample SNAP Menu


Week 1:

SNAP Challenge Menu Week 1 

Week 2:

 SNAP Challenge Menu Week 2

Week 3:

 SNAP Challenge Menu Week 3

Week 4:


"Tuesday, a series of sad faces from my spouse prompted a dinner outing (all smiles after the lamb vindaloo). Friday, a birthday led to a buffet spread of crab legs and sushi rolls. Saturday, a bout of depression drove me to a midnight rendezvous at Denny's, where I was ministered to by a friend and made medicine of an omlette (and hash browns, and two slices of toast, and half a stack of my friend's pancakes). Sunday morning, a rare sibling  gathering (around bacon and waffles) was the rationalization for my demise...I have to plainly state that I failed the Challenge this past week."
Sadly, Kai did not make it through Week 4, but the Challenge served as a reminder of what life is like for so many of our hungry neighbors who live through this experience every, single day!