Hunger 101

NEW - Hunger 101 2010


Building a movement to solve hunger requires people to understand the realities of the issue – who, what, where, when and why. Foodshare aims to educate the people of greater Hartford about hunger and poverty right here in Connecticut, so they can begin to propose solutions for ending hunger in our communities.

In recent years, groups from local corporations, faith communities, youth groups and schools throughout the area have experienced a new way to learn about hunger and food insecurity in their communities.   Hunger 101 is a role-play and discussion activity, designed to increase awareness and understanding of hunger and its many causes in our community. The one-hour program allows individuals to experience the challenges of feeding a family, on a limited budget, through available social services. Check out our brochure to learn more.


Foodshare has designed multiple versions of Hunger 101 to make the program versatile enough to engage everyone — children and adults, experienced advocates and interested friends. But it does require a group of at least 12 people.  Contact us to schedule a Hunger 101 for your group.

For groups who prefer something less hands-on, we also give speeches and host informational tablings. If that aligns more with your interests, please reach out to schedule a time for one of our Ambassadors to visit.


Participants are enthusiastic about Hunger 101:

  • A high school student tells us that "It was interesting to see all the unique circumstances many of these people were under.  I learned that in all the roles, from the Human Services to the poor person, they all were frustrated with the situation."
  • One adult participant advises that "You should try to do this program with our legislators.  If they participated, it would change the state's conversation about hunger."
  • Ben (age 11) felt that "The role play was a good way of showing us how hard life is for poor people.  My family started out with $500 but ended up with only one dollar a day for food. "