Involving the Entire Community

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Hunger is a problem that has roots in all sorts of complex socioeconomic issues, from inflation and wage stagnation to income inequality, politics, and race. It involves the whole community, so the solution to it has to involve the whole community. We are working on several fronts in this area.

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Hunger Action Teams

These coalitions include all facets of a given community—faith groups, town government, nonprofits, businesses, schools, fire and police departments—working together to understand the causes of hunger in their community and to find long term solutions. They work on all three of Foodshare’s strategies: increasing the amount of food, building self-sufficiency, and involving the community.

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Government policies can make hunger better or worse, and Foodshare advocates for those that improve the situation, no matter which party or politician proposes them. For advocacy to be effective, though, it requires many voices speaking at once. Involving the broader community is essential.

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Community Partnerships

For true community involvement, we need all sorts of other organizations and businesses to be involved in the problem, and we are working to grow our list of partners.

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Learn about Hunger

Foodshare offers a variety of educational programs to help you better understand the problem of hunger.

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Join the Movement

There are dozens of ways to get directly involved in solving hunger, and all of them are rewarding and important.