Charitable Programs

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More than 128,000 people throughout Greater Hartford are food insecure, meaning they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. In order to provide the high volume of food needed to ensure our neighbors don’t go hungry, Foodshare partners with 300 local food programs to distribute 16 tons of food each day.

We serve as the liaison between the food industry and charitable programs –community kitchens, emergency shelters, and food pantries – across the region. As Foodshare receives food donations from wholesalers and private individuals, these partner programs receive food from us to help feed hungry individuals and families in their respective areas.

One of our more prominent partners includes Mutual Housing Association of Greater Hartford:

Mutual Housing Association has been committed to providing affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods in greater Hartford for 25 years, while also engaging residents in leadership and educational opportunities. In 2011, Mutual Housing Association secured funding to help jumpstart their Leadership Academy program. The program “…invites individuals who are passionate about their community to attend a series of workshops designed to build the individual, the collective voice and the leadership skills of residents. The workshops will provide opportunities to learn and practice leadership skills in a safe and supportive setting.”

For more detailed information about the great work Mutual Housing Association does, watch this video:

To learn more about Foodshare's partner programs, check out the President's Blog, where we regularly spotlight our hunger-fighting partners. Or discover about how Foodshare partners with other groups in the Greater Hartford community to battle hunger.

Foodshare currently partners with the following local programs and organizations in our region: