Reducing the Need in Greater Hartford

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If we want to solve hunger in Connecticut, we need fewer people in line at the local pantries. That means helping people get back on their feet so they can buy their own food. By connecting our hungry neighbors with resources available to them, we can help improve their quality of life, and reduce their long-term reliance on emergency food.

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Government policies can make hunger better or worse, and Foodshare advocates for those that improve the situation, no matter which party or politician proposes them. For advocacy to be effective, though, it requires many voices speaking at once. Involving the broader community is essential.

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Model Programs

Providing clients with case management, job training, housing and heating assistance, and practical tools to pull themselves out of poverty, has proven to be very effective in building self-sufficiency and reducing food insecurity. We are working to help all of our partner programs take advantage of these tools.