A Turkey and Thirty

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Every American should have a turkey at Thanksgiving and food the rest of the year too.  But, there are more people in our community who need food than we have food to feed them, and many are at risk of not having a holiday meal. As always, your turkey donation will provide a traditional Thanksgiving meal for those who are struggling. An additional cash gift will go beyond the holiday season, ensuring families have enough to eat year-round. Every $30 will feed one of our hungry neighbors for an entire month! And through efforts like SNAP Outreach, Hunger 101 and community-based Hunger Action Teams we are working to build stronger communities that are capable of ending hunger for good.

For stories, pictures and more on this year’s events, check out our Movement to Solve Hunger blog.


Thanks to the generosity of individuals, groups and local businesses, this past year we provided 19,896 families with a traditional Thanksgiving meal!  As if that wasn't enough, donors gave more than $842,000 in financial support to ensure those same families receive the help they need all year long.

While it may no longer be turkey season, there are still many ways for you to get involved today:

  • Host a virtual food drive from the comfort of your home or office - contact Jordan Nyberg for more info.
  • Join our 'Turkey and Thirty' club, and help us get a head start on Thanksgiving next year!
  • Share your stories with us so that we can celebrate your accomplishments and show others how they can help!
  • Become a volunteer - we need volunteers year-round to help with our ongoing work to end hunger.
  • Visit Foodshare - we are always happy to meet our supporters in person and we'll even offer you a tour!



Our 2014 major donors, event sponsors and all of our Turkey Competition participants!