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Addressing Root Causes Of Hunger

The More Than Food Framework: Because it takes more than food to end hunger.

More Than Food is an initiative for building capacity in food banks and food pantries to more effectively address the root causes of food insecurity. The purpose of More Than Food is to help pantries offer healthy client choice, connect clients with community services, and instill a culture that is welcoming so clients can set and reach goals.

Through Foodshare’s Institute for Hunger Research & Solutions, we provide practical tools, training materials and guidance to help food banks and pantries build capacity.

In a land of plenty, millions of Americans struggle to get enough food to feed their families. There are food pantries in nearly every community in the United States, so why are so many people still hungry? It's time to change the way we think about hunger.

We are challenging the status quo of serving more food to more people every year.

The More Than Food framework is a paradigm shift. We advocate for outcomes related to food security, health and stability rather than simply measuring number of people served and pounds of food delivered.

The Three C’s of the More Than Food Framework:

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Empowering clients to choose the food items they prefer in a space where a variety of healthy options are available and promoted.



Supporting clients in setting and meeting goals by connecting to needed community resources that foster individualized growth.

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Creating a welcoming environment that respects the dignity of each client and where opportunities are available to build skills.

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