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Foodshare Institute For Hunger Research & Solutions

The Institute serves as a resource for the charitable food system by:

  1. Developing programs and interventions to decrease food insecurity and promote health and stability
  2. Conducting research to measure the effectiveness of these programs
  3. Sharing best practices and evidence-based solutions so others can implement them
  4. Collaborating with multiple partners to advocate for systems change within the charitable food network

The Institute develops innovative and evidence-based programs that promote health and long-term solutions to hunger. We research different approaches to identify what works. We provide trainings and services so that others can implement best practices within the charitable food network.

We are pleased to work with food banks and community partners on a consulting basis, and we have flexible fee structures based on the type of trainings and programming you are interested in. We can work with you to develop a consulting plan and budget to meet your needs.



Supporting Wellness At Pantries (SWAP) is a stoplight system designed to help food banks and food pantries rank food nutritionally.


More Than Food

More Than Food provides tools, training and guidance to help pantries more effectively address the root causes of hunger.


“I think the Institute idea is brilliant! We are happy to be one of your clients and partners. So excited to continue to work with you as we work to advance our efforts here in OK.”

- Katie Fitzgerald, CEO, Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

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Katie Martin, PhD
Executive Director of the Foodshare Institute For Hunger Research & Solutions

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Other Programs

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Hunger Action Teams

A comprehensive solution to food insecurity requires all hands on deck. Hunger Action Teams (HATs) aim to jumpstart the conversation in order to build each community’s capacity for efficiently and effectively meeting local needs.

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Mobile Foodshare

Mobile Foodshare is our pantry-on-wheels that brings fresh produce and other food to our neighbors throughout the region increasing access to healthy food and nutrition.

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SNAP Outreach

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is one of the most powerful tools for addressing hunger in our community. We train volunteers to help people apply, so more of our neighbors can access the groceries they need.

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