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Are you looking to take a more proactive role in battling hunger issues here in Connecticut? Do you ever wonder what it takes to bring about major political change? Learn more     


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Share Your Story

The best way you can take action is by sharing your personal experience with others. Statistics can show the impact of hunger in numbers, but personal stories from people like you and the people you know, paint the most compelling picture of what it means to be hungry.


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Raise Your Voice

A great way to advocate on behalf of those who are hungry, is to help educate everyone else on the issue. Raising awareness is the first step in building solutions that can end hunger.  


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Take the SNAP Challenge

1 in 7 Americans are eligible to recieve SNAP benefits, yet Congress is threatening to cut this vital program. Learn what it's like to live on the average benefit of $4.15 a day here in Connecticut, and share your story with your legislators. 


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