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Food Rescue

Most of the food that Foodshare distributes...

is surplus food that is donated by food industry partners, including retailers, farmers, and manufacturers. The Retail Rescue Program is one of our more innovative ways to collect this food - reducing food waste while making a real difference in the lives of our neighbors who struggle with hunger.

About Retail Rescue

Through the Retail Rescue Program, Foodshare partners with over 80 local grocery stores to make sure good, surplus food gets to the plates of people in need. Last year, Foodshare rescued over 5 million pounds of food from local grocery stores. Most of the food collected is healthy, perishable food like produce, meat, and dairy products meaning healthier options for the people we serve.

One key to this program’s success is our dedicated Retail Rescue volunteers who use their own vehicles to recover food in local communities. Volunteers are trained to safely pick-up donations from grocery stores and deliver it directly to a nearby food pantry or meal program.

“We have many wonderful grocery stores that assist us to be able to ensure that we have enough food on our shelves to feed the 350-400 families every week that we serve.”

Kathleen Souvigney, Enfield Food Shelf

Take Action

Individuals interested in becoming a Retail Rescue Volunteer, sign up here >

Retail stores that would like to know more about becoming a partner in the Retail Rescue Program please contact Retail Donations Program Manager, Gaye Sgamboti at (860) 856-4342. With years of experience in grocery rescue, we can help you create a customized, safe donation program that works for your staff.


How You Can Help

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Take action today and donate your time to Foodshare. We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved and give back.

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Financial gifts help more of our neighbors access nutritious food. Your donation can be the difference between hunger and health.

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Join us for events that raise awareness and support for the Foodshare mission, or host an event of your own.

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Raise your voice to help end hunger in Greater Hartford. Together we can build systemic solutions that bring lasting change.

Success Stories

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Florien and Wanda

Florien struggles with dementia but at 95 years old, that does not define who he is.

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Maribel Bermudez

When Maribel Bermudez was laid off after her employer downsized, her husband's salary wasn’t enough to cover all of their expenses, especially with two kids.

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Chris and Alana Woodward

You can tell right away that Chris and Alana are devoted, caring parents, ready to do whatever it takes to make their family work.

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